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Constantly Burning
Constantly Burning
this is
not a tale
of pain or love
but rather of life.
It happens once, and twice,
and thrice, and all again.
That thing has sunk below,
and constantly it sinks
without a flake of snow.
Out the window, clearing,
shining, burning, hurting
sky is gleaming, burning,
"Follow to tomorrow—"
Never even turning.
But here I sit, sorrow,
with nothing touching me
that shows a sign of strife.
I think, "What is that thing
that dictates all my life?"
That thing is not a sun
or some other object.
That thing is just my thought
containing merely dreams
of things I've never sought.
Yes, this is a tale
Of pain and love,
And likewise,
of course,
:iconthemusicalsalamander:TheMusicalSalamander 3 1
Goodnight, goodbye by TheMusicalSalamander Goodnight, goodbye :iconthemusicalsalamander:TheMusicalSalamander 6 5 Perpetual by TheMusicalSalamander Perpetual :iconthemusicalsalamander:TheMusicalSalamander 4 0 Bombshell by TheMusicalSalamander Bombshell :iconthemusicalsalamander:TheMusicalSalamander 7 2 Wooden house by TheMusicalSalamander Wooden house :iconthemusicalsalamander:TheMusicalSalamander 3 8
Belief and Trust
Belief and Trust
A year has passed, forgotten, since destiny drove
Its soul through mine, floating to chambers above—
The evidence lay in the whispered request I spoke,
When I, quite blue, was met by a swarm of support:
A sparsely veiled (but equally arrogant) plea.
Belief and trust are equally buried from sight
To those who have inflexibly arrogant ears—
But open at once if ever a need should be.
Among these men who readily offered support
Was one, known for his rigidly arrogant mind;
I thought of blue—asserted a notion of blue,
To scold this man, this fickle intruder of sense.
But then I thought: regardless of context and spite—
Belief and trust are equally buried from sight.
:iconthemusicalsalamander:TheMusicalSalamander 3 2
Don't panic by TheMusicalSalamander Don't panic :iconthemusicalsalamander:TheMusicalSalamander 0 0 Texture XXVI by TheMusicalSalamander Texture XXVI :iconthemusicalsalamander:TheMusicalSalamander 6 4 Keep shining on by TheMusicalSalamander Keep shining on :iconthemusicalsalamander:TheMusicalSalamander 7 4 Empty and full by TheMusicalSalamander Empty and full :iconthemusicalsalamander:TheMusicalSalamander 0 0 Burning in the rain by TheMusicalSalamander Burning in the rain :iconthemusicalsalamander:TheMusicalSalamander 0 0 Pure yellow by TheMusicalSalamander Pure yellow :iconthemusicalsalamander:TheMusicalSalamander 3 4 Unidentified objects by TheMusicalSalamander Unidentified objects :iconthemusicalsalamander:TheMusicalSalamander 0 1
I fell in love yesterday.
I never met her
and I probably never will.
I don't know who she is
and she does not know me.
I don't know if she exists
or if she's just in my head.
But I know her name.
She told me her name.
I don't know anyone else with her name.
It's a pretty name.
That was yesterday.
She exists.
She knows me.
I know because I met her yesterday.
Nobody else has that name.
It is so beautiful.
If you are reading this and you have
the same name as her, then
undoubtedly this poem
is not about you (or
anyone else who
is reading this.)
But there is a chance that
you know her.
I know I do.
That was yesterday.
:iconthemusicalsalamander:TheMusicalSalamander 3 11
Two Sides
Two Sides
There it split and here it merges,
Each side having travelled long;
Catalyzed from solemn dirges
Seldom found in any song.
Looking left, I see the ocean
Spread its wretched beauty wide;
The other side's a barren portion,
Land instilling men with pride.
These two extremes (or otherwise)
Thus fuse beneath my steadfast feet;
But why, oh why, must I decide
The path whose course is more complete?
:iconthemusicalsalamander:TheMusicalSalamander 3 2
Last laugh by TheMusicalSalamander Last laugh :iconthemusicalsalamander:TheMusicalSalamander 1 2


We dragons of north
Stir snow to rebellion
By hugging the hearth.
Our churning steam tears
Forth; a tropical typhoon
Waltzing with snow drops.
We withdraw our wings:
Remember that veins leech fire
From beyond our skin.
:iconcaerulex:caerulex 3 0
i am excited to see
where the world will go
in 50 years
i don't see
famine and war
or cracked Aleppo
i envision instead Palo Alto
and New York
Beijing and Africa,
the Earth's jewel
i will appreciate the distance
between then and today
i anticipate a gruesome struggle
between then and now
but I myself will not capitulate
since in winning,
the future becomes my crown
and so I await it eagerly
like a woman without regrets
invites death through the front door.
:iconcaerulex:caerulex 4 0
Betrayal By Example
When your favorite painting drowns in the flood or blackens in the fire
When you see someone for who they are and want to scream
When you realize people are fallible no matter their titles
(mother or doctor or hero)
When a person you loved dies and takes all your love with them.
:iconcaerulex:caerulex 2 0
Kurt Cobain by caerulex Kurt Cobain :iconcaerulex:caerulex 4 1
2nd Year Moving In
The air cushioned the heat like a catcher's mit
But the heat overflowed, as though from a glass:
Squatting into my back like a cat poised on a banister
And settling into the creases of the wood floors
Heat's every movement is a watery nightmare,
Humid and saturated like my clothing
After hefting boxes down from the 5th floor
And the common room,
A war zone of heat from a party for 30
Decorated with bloody carcasses of alcohol, solo cups
On the beer pong table
Why my suitemate got smashed at her own party
I can't say; but she couldn't walk 15 feet
To her room
And left bits of vomited food in the sink
The fans sold out at Target and so I'm here,
With my window up listening to the whole world
That exists on a busy street after midnight.
:iconcaerulex:caerulex 3 0
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Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United States
Hey! I am an amateur photographer, and even that's an overstatement... more like aspiring amateur photographer. :D I'm mainly interested in outdoor photography and macro. I just got a new Canon EOS Rebel T2i Digital SLR camera, so I'm really happy. :D Anyway, I also have a donation for points above if you're generous. :) I'm looking for a premium membership. Either way, I'd appreciate it if you'd look through my gallery and let me know what you think!

Favourite genre of music: Classical, Alternative
Favourite style of art: Any photography :)
MP3 player of choice: iPod Nano
Personal Quote: ART!!!!!!



If anyone besides Anna is reading this then they probably don't know what I'm talking about...

KEANE! Their new record!!! May 7th!! Need I say more?! :D :iconsuperlaplz:

Ok, you still probably have NO idea what I'm talking about. It's a band, a british band, the best band ever... ever heard of "somewhere only we know?" That's them. There are others you might know but you might as well just check them out on youtube or itunes.

Anyway, they have a new album coming in May and I'm so excited! It's going to be awesome!!


Until next time, fellow humans. :hug:

  • Listening to: Keane!
  • Reading: Nada, amigos
  • Watching: Nada, amigos
  • Playing: Nada, amigos
  • Eating: La tiza! (chalk I believe, but the word is cute!)
  • Drinking: El gingerale-o




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